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X-MET 8000 Expert Geo

The X-MET 8000 Expert Geo is a handheld XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analyzer designed for the on-site screening of environmental sediments and soils. The X-MET8000 Geo allows environmental testing to be carried out quickly and at high volumes, reducing the level of lab analysis required and the cost associated with it.

The X-MET8000 Geo uses novel BOOST™ technology, which means the system has detection limits that are low enough for the fast and accurate measurement of critical elements (e.g., US EPA Method 6200 RCRA and priority elements).

The system has integrated GPS that allows analysis results to be combined with geolocation data for the creation of site maps with contaminant locations. The geodata provided uses Trimble® receivers to provide accurate localized data.


Key Benefits X-MET 8000 Expert Geo

Provides Results in Seconds

Using the system’s standard soil calibration up to 40 different elements can be measured at the same time with minimal sample preparation, with the results delivered in a matter of seconds.

Make Measurements and Screenings On-Site

The X-MET’s portability means it can be used to measure samples across the site, so users don’t need to wait on lab results and can make decisions on the spot.

Little Training Required

The system can be used straight away and is operated by an intuitive point and shoot system.

Data Management X-MET 8000 Expert Geo

The data collected and associated reports can be downloaded to a USB or shared to a computer or network, in CSV format or as a tamper-proof PDF, via WiFi.

Data can be shared as it is collected using the ExTOPE Connect mobile app, with HITACHI’s cloud service facilitating the secure exporting of data and geodata, as well as images, in real-time. It is also possible to connect several systems to the same account for improved data collection.

Comfortable to Use

The X-MET8000 Geo’s ergonomic design, low weight of 1.5 kg and long battery life of 10-12 hours means it can be used for long, uninterrupted time periods.

X-MET 8000 Expert Geo Low Ownership Cost

The system’s rugged design means it can be used in all weather conditions and tough environments. The X-MET is protected against water splashes and dust (with IP54 compliance – equivalent to NEMA 3) and tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G) for ruggedness.


Accessories X-MET 8000 Expert Geo


When longer analysis times are needed, i.e., greater than 30 seconds, the bipod avoids the need to hold the analyzer in your hand.

Benchtop Stand

Allows the system to be used in a benchtop configuration, allowing high-throughput analysis of samples in cups or bags.

Portable Bluetooth Printer

Prints data on paper or on sticky labels, for the labeling of samples – helping to prevent samples from being mixed-up.

Light Radiation shield

Minimizes the amount of radiation scattered.

Light Stand and Safety Shield

Designed for the analysis of powders in the field. Fits in the system’s case for enhanced portability.

Holster and Belt

For the handsfree transportation of the system.

X-Met Pole

Designed to help collect results from difficult to reach areas. The pole is especially useful when taking measurements over a large area.

Quick-Swap Analysis Window

The quick-swap analysis window means you don’t need a tool to change the window if it’s broken or dirty, preventing potential detector damage and expensive repairs.

An Option to Suit Your Needs

Hitachi offers two different models to give you a cost-effective solution.


X-MET8000 X-MET8000 Expert Geo
Description Rapid and reliable measurement of various geochemical samples and concentrates Ultimate performance for measuring variety of geochemical samples including REEs, light elements and pathfinders
X-Ray Tubes 45 kV 50 kV
X-Ray Tube Filters 6-position filter wheel
Detector 10 mmSDD with BOOST™ technology 25 mmlarge area SDD with BOOST™ technology
Element Range Mg – U
Rare Earth Elements (REEs) No Yes
IP54 and MIL-STD-810G Yes Yes
Weight (with Battery) 1.5 kg 1.5 kg
Battery Life 10 – 12 hours 10 – 12 hours
Protection Against Detector Window Damange Shield window Prolene window
Calibrations Standardless with light elements Standardless with light elements and REEs

Hardware and Software Options X-MET 8000 Expert Geo

X-MET8000 X-MET8000 Expert Geo
Bluetooth Included Included
WiFi Included Included
Integrated Camera Optional Included
Small-spot Collimator Not available Optional
Report Generator Included Included
ExTOPE Connect cloud connectivity and mobile phone app Yes Yes






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